Why Invest in Gemfields?

Gemfields plc is a London-listed, multinational mining company and the world’s leading supplier of responsibly sourced rare coloured gemstones.

Gemfields is:

  • Elevating the position of coloured gemstones alongside other luxury, valuable goods
  • Investing in resource development and intellectual capital opportunities to maximise value from operations of scale
  • Delivering a steady supply of high quality, graded rough gemstones through internationally held auctions
  • Raising sector and product demand through targeted marketing and promotional campaigns
  • The owner of Fabergé, one of the world’s most well-recognised luxury names
  • Providing a platform for significant and sustainable future profit and production growth

Gemfields’ assets include:

  • The Kagem emerald mine in Zambia (75%) the single largest emerald mine in the world
  • The Montepuez ruby deposit in Mozambique (75%), believed to potentially be the largest known ruby concession in the world
  • The Kariba amethyst mine in Zambia (50%), one of the world’s largest producing amethyst mines
  • Fabergé (100%), one of the world’s most recognised luxury brand names, underscored by a well-documented and globally recognised heritage  
  • Ubiquitous coloured gemstone sorting, grading and supply infrastructure
  • Exploration and expansion projects: – Colombia (emerald) – Ethiopia (emerald) – Sri Lanka (sapphire) – Madagascar (ruby, emerald, sapphire)

Gemfields’ management:

  •  Is highly experienced in coloured gemstone exploration, mining, processing, sorting, grading and distribution. 
  • Has a proven track record in coloured gemstone marketing and promotion to drive global demand.
  • Is focused on a mine and market strategy, constantly building on our core competencies.
  • Has consistently delivered record-breaking prices for higher quality emeralds and a steep increase in demand for Mozambican rubies, partnering with a number of globally recognised brands in support of increasing consumer confidence.
  • Highly regarded by all key stakeholders as leaders and champions of positive change within the industry.

Gemfields’ vision is

  • To become the global coloured gemstone champion supporting the continued growth and development of the sector across various key silos including transparency, exploration, mining, distribution, creativity and marketing.
  • To deliver significant increase in value for all shareholders through increased gemstones production, increased revenue and cash flows and by focusing on safety, sustainability and the selective expansion of our asset base.
  • To enhance employee development and involvement, and to increase contributions to the economies of the countries in which Gemfields operate.

We aim to turn the coloured gemstone business into a transparent industry allowing investors, local communities and national economies to benefit from our approach and expertise. Gemfields believes in, and sees significant benefit in, being fully transparent about our dealings and partnerships. Full disclosure of information and transparency in our business process is a crucial factor in our success, and in the growth of the wider industry. Our mining ethics go beyond mere compliance and we have consistently set new standards within the coloured gemstone sector.