Mine and Market

Auction Selling

We prefer to think of ourselves as more than just a mining company: we are innovators at an exciting new frontier where exploration, mining, marketing and ethics meet.

Our business model focuses on creating shareholder value by identifying and investing in undeveloped or underdeveloped coloured gemstone assets. We use our unrivalled operational expertise in the coloured gemstone sector to grow these assets, typically in partnership with appropriate local partners. We do not pursue comprehensive vertical integration. Rather, our mine and market strategy means we focus on both ends of the value chain, representing what we believe to be the two most important segments.
Our pioneering auction platform has changed the face of the coloured gemstone sector, delivering a key tenet of our business model: bringing a consistent supply of responsibly sourced coloured gemstones, carefully graded according to our proprietary rough grading systems, to our customers in line with their respective market focus. This distribution platform is complemented by determined marketing and promotional campaigns to further increase confidence in, and awareness of, this exciting and fast-growing sector.

Exploration and Mining

  • A leading supplier of responsibly sourced coloured gemstones, and one of the world’s largest emerald, ruby and amethyst producers.
  • Experienced and well-regarded management team with a proven track record of delivery.
  • Unrivalled expertise in coloured gemstone mining and exploration.
  • Scalable mines with substantial reserves.

Sorting and grading

  •  Pioneered the world’s most comprehensive rough grading and sorting system for emeralds and rubies.
  • Supported by the commensurate stock levels needed to ensure consistency and continuity of supply across all size and quality scales

Pioneering auction platform

  • Well established and reliable auction platform.
  • Helping to formalise the market.
  • Delivering a constant supply.
  • Targeted to achieve a best fit with each customer’s needs.


  • Global leader in repositioning the coloured gemstone industry alongside other luxury goods.
  • Owner of Fabergé, one of the world’s most recognisable luxury brands, enables Gemfields to accelerate its vision to raise the international presence and perception of coloured gemstones.
  • Championing industry initiatives to enhance legitimacy, transparency and integrity of the coloured gemstome sector.
  • Gemfields Authorised Auction Partners

  • Anubhav Gems
  • Aziz Enterprises Limited
  • China Stone Co. Ltd
  • Dhandia Gems
  • Gem Dreams Co. Ltd
  • Gemburi Co. Ltd
  • Green International
  • H C Tank
  • HMV Gems
  • Intercolor Gems
  • JK Jewellers Int
  • Kedia Gems Impex
  • KK Gems
  • Kotahwala Exports Pvt Ltd
  • Millenium Gems
  • Mohit Exports
  • Premier Gems Trading
  • Rare Multi Color Gems Inc
  • Real Gems Inc 
  • Rosy Green
  • Sant Enterprises
  • Singhal Gems
  • Super Gems
  • Trillion Gems
  • Vaibhav Gems Ltd
  • Veerasak Gems
  • Vinod Exports
  • Cut & Polished Gemstone Sales
  • Gemfields has a proven track record of delivering a consistent supply of high-quality rough coloured gemstones, all of which are painstakingly sorted and precisely graded according to our proprietary grading system.
  • In March 2011 we undertook research in Britain, the United States and Europe, examining the supply of cut and polished coloured gemstones. The results unequivocally highlighted the strong demand for consistent and trusted sources of supply of cut and polished coloured gems.
  • Partly due to the historic lack of consistent supply, and partly due to uncertainty about their provenance or level of treatment, jewellery designers and retailers alike had at times been reluctant to work with or sell coloured gemstones.
  • We saw this as a clear opportunity to bring confidence and stability to a hitherto erratic supply chain and to demonstrate that responsibly supplied, premium-quality coloured gemstones could consistently be relied upon.
  • As a result, Gemfields opened a new division specialising in the sale of cut and polished coloured gems. Having already established close relationships with the buyers of our uncut gemstones, we were ideally placed to source the highest-quality cut and polished gems, often from the very clients who purchase our uncut gems.
  • Since its inception in London in 2011, the service provided by our Cut-and-Polished Sales Team has been met with great enthusiasm on both sides of the supply chain. Indeed, such has been the demand for our tailored polished gem service, that additional offices have since been opened in New York, Cape Town and Mumbai, each bringing Gemfields’ impeccably sourced coloured gemstones to the world.